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Thread: Budget waterproof jacket recommendations.

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    Budget waterproof jacket recommendations.

    I've got up to about 75 for a waterproof jacket for stalking. Just needs to be a shell with a hood to keep me dry in the high seat. What would you recommend?


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    I am becoming a convert to all of the army surplus goretex stuff. Cheap and works really well.

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    Ex army goretex.

    Shedloads on eBay.
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    I just bought an Austrian army mountain goretex jacket for 49.99 inc postage and its excellent. Its a grey-green colour, has a great hood and decent pockets and feels bombproof and isn't particularly noisy. I usually wear a medium in most things and I ordered a medium and it fits really well with spare for a couple of layers underneath.

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    wearite clothing co
    shooting jacket
    they last along time, tough enough for most of our beating team

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    Buy a surplus wind proof smock and goretex shell and read the many posts on here about how to correctly use/layer them and you will have the best possible system for stalking well within your budget.
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    +1 on surplus. I wouldn't go out like a weekend warrior otherwise but if you are on a budget you won't get decent goretex any cheaper.
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    I've got a couple of Beghaus AQ2? thing below goretex, my oldest 1 is 8 yr old and still pretty waterproof and its had a lot of use.

    Some cheap deals on sportsman gun centre the now on odd sizes/last seasons stock. Usually some real bargins

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    I have just spent 70 on a Rydale Gembling Shooting Jacket. It arrived yesterday and I wore it for nearly two hours in rain last night. First impressions are good.

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    Go to your local agricultural store and get a Flexothane jacket or even a suit, very waterproof, comfortable, quite hard wearing and relatively quiet.

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