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    I have just got back from shooting a few rabbits for my Larsen trap with .22rf.I had just climbed over the last fence to get back to the vehicle,when I saw a nice 4 point Roe Buck about 20yards away. he never noticed me just carried on eating and wondering about watched him for a good 10mins till he walked away Nice to see I bet he is not there tomorrow when Ive got my 270, but thats DEER STALKING and thats why we Love it.

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    Very true. What was the outcome? Did you see him when you were with the rifle?

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    Wednesday night; .22rf out for vermin, deer on entrance ride, 200 yards on deer on north face, up to high seat deer, coming towards me, deer coming from my right. Deer everywhere.

    Friday night with the big rifle, same stalk, same weather, same time, same wind direction; big fat nothing!

    I feel your frustration.


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