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Thread: Finally registered!

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    Finally registered!

    Evening gents,

    Finally registered after "guest spying" for a long time!

    My name is Jonathan (but most call me Jonno) and I live just outside Stirling in Central Scotland. I know a few of your personally in the real world (hi John, Jimmy and Andy), and there are a few names here that I think I may recognise from other forums also!

    I shot competitively at University, both small-bore and full-bore, in County and National competitions before discovering that my preference was in fact in the countryside. I am an avid gameshooter (with far too many shotguns to prove it!) and have recently rediscovered my passion for stalking.

    I am a long time proponent of .243Win (which is what I shoot with obviously), but have recently taken a hankering for something a bit bigger and more exotic. A 7mm perhaps....

    Anyhoo, I have learned an awful lot from this site already and hope to continue doing so. I also hope that I may, in some small way, contribute something useful to the site (although you should perhaps not hold your breath on that one!)

    All the best,


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    Welcome from the North East,


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    Welcome and enjoy the ups and downs of the sd

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    Welcome Jonno,

    its a a great place baring a few included

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    Welcome Jonno sounds like you will be an active member, very enthuiastic intro, love to see that, all the members on here will help as much as possible and no doubt you will join in the spirit of the forum

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    Welcome to the site,

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