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Thread: Opinions on browning X bolt

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    Opinions on browning X bolt

    Ladies and gents a friend of mine is looking at a .308 browning X bolt, it is the stalker model with a synthetic stick with a stainless fluted barrel, can anybody shed any light on this model please, cheers chris

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    Hi Millsy
    Not on that mdel I have the varmint .243. But the trigger (SF) will be the same if you are buying new, and that is superb. The only issue I have with my rifle is that you have to make sure you pull the bolt back straight and fully otherwise it binds.


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    I'm looking to buy an X Bolt in .270.

    Had 4 rifles out at the dealers to compare - X Bolt, Tikka T3, Howa 1500 and Sako A7 - all in synthetic.
    Howa - good for the money -but heavy and "clunky"
    T3 get great name but just hated the "Tupperware" stalk - also only available as a 22" factory threaded model on special order.

    That left the A7 and X Bolt. Both lovely rifles but the Browning felt "right" from the moment I picked it up - and is about 300 less money.

    So, I am going for a .270 X Bolt Stainless, fluted and threaded in 22" - all for the same money as a Stainless T3 20", non fluted and non threaded.

    Expecting my ticket back any day (Police inform me it has been approved and just waiting to be printed), so order will be placed as soon as it arrives.

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    If you search this forum for Browning X bolt there are lots of posts for you to review.
    I have the stainless stalker in .243 and am more than happy with it.

    Hope this helps and welcome to the forum.
    ATB 243 Stalker.

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    I am looking for a left handed x-bolt in 30-06 or 308 with the Battue rib as a backup gun for driven and or stalking rifle
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    My stalking buddy has just bought a .270 stainless fluted X bolt with a mod. Out of the box it puts three shots in a 10p at 100 yrds with factory ammo. That is literally out of the box off the back of the truck. I like it a lot and if they did a 7mm-08 I'd have one. I spoke to my local dealer who said he'd had quite a few through his books and he thought the quality was variable - in relation to barrels and bolts. But he's a bit of a perfectionist and spoiled by owning beautiful rifles.

    I have about 6 Tikkas (I'd have to check) and I just get a feeling of complete confidence whichever one I reach for. Bit plasticy, yes. But superb. When I picked up the X bolt - and I and own A bolt in .300 Win, it felt a bit like a Tikka with the stock it should have had. With the mod on it was well tamed too. Still quite loud but minimal recoil. Unlike my.300!

    Very nice little rifle.

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    Hi I have just bought a x bolt s/s fluted in 270 and it feels and looks great! I have not fired it yet but cant wait until the weekend. I sold my sako 85s in 308 to get it as I looked at all the reviews and thought that's the one for me, I will let you know how it goes over the week!

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    well just got my x bolt 270 run in and zeroed today and it is very very accurate I am using norma 110g ballistic tip but will try out some 130g, very nice rifle and would be more than happy to recommend to anyone! hope this helps

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    Just ordered an x bolt stainless stalker in 270. Will report back soon!

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    The A-Bolt II and X-Bolt are very popular in my neck of the woods. By the looks of those in the sale racks, they are about evenly divided between matte black/synthetic Stalker, the Stainless Stalkers, and the wood stocked models. And there are very few used ones for sale. You never hear of a dud one that won't shoot well right out of the box. The .308 Win, 7mm-08, .243 and .270 Win are big sellers. I have an A-Bolt II Gold Medallion .22 LR and wish I had the .22 WMR, Hornet, and .223 to go with it. It shoots superbly and the trigger is perfect for me.

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