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Thread: Kyrgyzstan

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    Having seen some awesome footage on Youtube I am interested in hunting for ibex in Kyrgyzstan.

    Has anyone hunted in Kyrgyzstan ? If so I would be interested in hearing of your trip, and in particular which company you went with.



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    I'm going this year really looking forward to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by gr1ffer View Post
    I'm going this year really looking forward to it
    Have you been before ?
    Which company are you going with ?

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    Never been before been a year in the planning I'll be going this October, I was supposed to go this November but unforeseen work commitment saw me out he country most of the year. I'll be going alone but could quite easily team up with somebody who's up for it and physically capable. It really does look a true adventure. The same hunts can be had in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan but Kyrgyzstan really took my fancy due to remoteness of the tien Shan and the nature of the hunt (at high altitudes and on horseback)

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    Two mates went in August. Both shot their Ibex and one a Marco Polo. Went with a French outfitter who took their dosh but didn't pay the Russian so they never got their trophies which was 10k for the MP !
    Said it was physically demanding and altitude sickness pills a must. Re zero as they both had a miss cos it went high at altitude. Food poor, a lot of dirt road travelling to get there. Don't think they are going back !
    Good luck. You might need it !

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    Friend of mine has been twice and used a company called Artemis. Said both his trips were excellent and productive.


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    Friend went with Theo Blignaught whose African but lives in Ukraine. Good guy they said and would go again with him.

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    Henry at "The Real Big 5" should be able to help you out. Met him shooting last year. Stunning guy, utterly passionate, knows his stuff backwards. He loves chatting about this stuff so just give him a ring - 15 mins chat with him will be worth a month Internet research. Doubt he's the cheapest on the market but you know you'll get what you pay for. Sounds like the adventure of a lifetime - good luck!!


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    I'm going this year with Asian Mountain Outfitters, Bryan Martin our contact. A friend has used him before and recommended him. Have a look at the youtube videos on the site, they do Ibex, Marco Polo, Tur, Maral. I've been wishing the year away ever since I booked it!

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    I've met Bryan at some shows and he seems a very knowledgeable guy to deal with.

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