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    Reading through a few posts on here makes me think there are some gunsmiths in our number. If I'm right could someone please quote me via PM a non-extorsionate price to re-lay a rib on a side by side that's not worth spending a lot of money on. I got a quote recently that made cutting the thing into tiny pieces look like the only option and I'm loath to do that. It's side by side retailed by Septimus Chambers of Shepton Mallet and Cardiff.
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    Hello Harry - unless the gun is a top grade sidelock, I am afraid it is not worth it as it is quite a major job. If it has been like this for some time, then when it is lifted it will probably reveal a whole host of horrors. Rust may have rendered the barrels useless - or at least they might need replacing or sleeving.

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    Hi Harry,

    This is not a straightforward job to do, so likely to be a bit pricey. However, the value of the gun ought not to be the only consideration. If it fits well and you shoot well with it, then that should be your main influences. Fitting a new rib will require the barrels to be re-blacked, so the overall effect will be to improve the look of the gun. Try getting a few quotes before you write off the gun entirely.

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    do it yourself,
    If it not going to be cost effective for a gunsmith to do it, then do it yourself, you have nothing to lose.
    Here is a link to the solder that you require;


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    If you dont want to do it yourself take it to Entwhitsles Guns in the Cattle Market in Preston I had a rib that come off my Berretta 57EL some years ago and he charged me 25 to re do it its been fine ever since obviously it will be more expensive now.

    He dosent do it in house but has a smith who collects every other week from him.
    Hope this Helps

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    Jim Wills might be able to help - he's based in Bath - 01225 445062.

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    Thanks for all the replies. Some contacts and some food for thought. If none of the mentioned smiths can do it, then I may just have a bash myself.
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    I see you're in Norfolk - try Philip Webster near Attleborough

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