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Thread: Telescopic sticks

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    Telescopic sticks

    Anyone got a set of telescopic sticks they don't use ? I got mine form a good friend, and have gotten very used to them, very handy for sitting shots. However, they got bent when I recently had a black ice/tree/total loss incident with my beloved Surf.
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    Get yourself a set of the Knobloch ones; they won't be free but they are very, very good for this.

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    I have a set of bipod and tripod sticks if you would like either. Are you going to be near Inverness anytime soon!.

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    and if you're near Edinburgh/East Lothian anytime you're welcome to borrow a pair of the Knobloch ones as I have a couple of pairs.

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    Find a good fishing tackle shop, I got two telescopic bank sticks & bolted through.
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    Got a pair of Bushwear bushsticks you can have for an Aberdeen thankyou tip.

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    Malx, I do, collect any time!

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    Thank you all for kind offers and advice on good gear and frugal tips, very much appreciated !

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