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Thread: The ends in sight

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    The ends in sight

    The end of the game season that is ,just beaters day and a. couple of walk around days to go .
    I'll be glad as this has been a tricky season what with rain ,rain and copious amounts of mud .we got caught up with some January birds yesterday but I've some boundary feeders to fill today that I'm not looking forward to getting there slip sliding about .
    looking forward to a colder week ahead and pulling some birds back for the beaters who've earnt it trudging about we did 12.5 km yesterday
    hope everyone ends the season on a high especially some of the shoots effected by the really bad weather up north and the beaters get to let some lead off
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    Well it's our last season on the shoot we've had for quite a few years now. Really special ground for the rough-shooting we do but unfortunately the estate want to make something of it for driven days. The weather has been very tiresome as I've wanted to make the most of the shooting & the stalking but it's only been an inconvenience for us, not the life-changing event that it's been for others. The colder weather would be a welcome relief & so far this 'winter' I've only had to scrape ice of the windscreen once; perhaps pheasants & deer will begin to appear where I expect them to.

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    One more day of beating on Saturday with not a good forecast...
    I have split my time this season on 2 shoots which has worked out well.. 2 beaters days Partridges on the 23rd, 30th the Pheasant's and a clear up day on the 1st...with what is left over on the red legs..
    I've had 3 invites on driven days a boxing day shoot and 3 rough shoots...
    So best year for a long time, put a lot in and so far got a lot out...
    Spaniel is coming on well for a Spaniel...
    As you said the ground is like a sponge and the birds are on full alert...

    Stalking is very much like going to the night club

    You can always tell an Essex Boy, just you cant tell him much...

    An hour in the field is worth a week of typing trash.....

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    Never shot a Pheasant all season the ground is flooded never seen it as bad as this in the twenty something years of shooting over it

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    You've got it easy Norma..... we've only got another 15 days to go Seeing a rise in woodcock numbers in the quieter outside woods lately to. Hope there's a few about for beaters day. Certainly tested the waterproofs this year.

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    woodcock didn't feature on beaters days yesterday or today on the estate mainly because of thier usual habit of flying pretty low in woodland(safety) and secondly they're not easy to pick in deep bramble and cover making the day longer and not so flowing .plenty of birds about though although my shooting was appalling yesterday improving when I went back to basics today hope everyone up and down the country had a good end to the season time for a holiday

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    Our Beater's Day was a farce. Apparently it was a 250-bird day - if that was the case, the new keeper and his mates must have taken most of them on the back-line, as the Guns only took about 35 between them. At one point the Guns stood for an hour without seeing a single pheasant. Those that did appear were so low that we came to the conclusion that for most of the drives we'd have had more success with a tennis racket or even a cricket bat.

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    had a good end to the wildfowling season tonight with 4 mallard and a canadian goose which a friend asked me for and ive been invited on a walk around day tommorrow so we will see how it goes

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