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Thread: RWS 100gn. Vs Geko 105gn

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    RWS 100gn. Vs Geko 105gn

    I have been using the RWS 243 100gn in my 243 ever since I got it, but recently the seem have changed the ammo considerably.

    Firstly they have shortened the seating depth by nearly 2mm compared to my last batch. I did enquire about RUAG, they took back the box, made enquiries came back that it was within their tolerances, but sent me a full box from a different batch number. It to is loaded to their shorter over all length. Ok - it still shoots to same point of aim so go hunting.

    Anyway last Friday was out and finally caught up with an old barren Roe doe. Shot had to be quick as she was moving with others across a wooded hill above me. A quick whistle she stopped quartering towards me. cross hair settled on point of shoulder and squeezed and she went straight down. No exit wound. Small entry just on front of near side shoulder. Gralloch was clean. Heart with hole through middle and mashed to pieces and so were lungs.

    Its been in the chiller ten days and skinned and butchered it yesterday. The near side shoulder was completely jellied with bruising from top of shoulder blade to elbow. Inside the shoulder was a three inch hole in the rib cage and lots of bone fragments.

    A small hole in the offside rib cage just ahead of the diaphragm close the spine with remains of the bullet in the offside blackstrap. (. The remains was just the jacket.

    Now i I would have expected and indeed want a deer bullet not to explode so rapidly and to pass clean through something like a roe doe. I certainly would nt want to use that bullet on a hind.

    Yes I appreciate shot position could be better and I can wait for better presentation, but my ground is tricky, I don't often shot opportunities (about 1 in 5 outings), so I have to take what's presented.

    the Geko 105 shoots to the same poi - is this a harder bullet.

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    I have used RWS 100 grain for many years and they have always been very effective. However the current batch that I'm using have been doing a lot of damage, with a lot of bruising. I have tried the 105 grain Geco in the past but my Sauer wasn't mad about them. I am going to switch to Norma 100 grain sp for the remainder of the season.

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    Hello Heym SR20.

    I have a big collection of .243 bullets I've amassed whilst finding what my rifle likes best & you're welcome to come & try any you want. They include Norma 100, Federal 100 & 80, RWS 100 & 96, Sako 100, Remington 95 & Geko 105. From my reading (not experience) I'd say that the RWS 96 will be a very hard bullet and claims to be such. I've yet to try the 105's.

    PS I have an un-oppened box of RWS 100 that's been sitting in my safe for up to a couple of years; you're welcome to see if they match the previous dimensions.
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    I avoid legs for this very reason
    Shoot through enough legs and you will always see some bullets come apart

    Am not a fan of RWS personally as I mentioned but its a toss up between getting a bullet that will expand on a light touch, "through and through", no leg chest shot on a small roe, and having one that has the construction to not fragment when driven through an elbow/shoulder.

    I much prefer a mid or high chest through shoulder blades and deliberately avoid trying to hit the heart.
    closer the bullet passes to the spine the more dramatic the knock down

    I shot a young red staggie in almost identical orientation and in the same spot up through the point of shoulder
    180gr Corelokt (allegedly designed with bonded/locked construction for penetration and controlled expansion) at the greater range of 150 faired no better and the carnage was equally spectacular!

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    As far as I know RWS & Geco come out of the same factory. I have always liked the RWS 100 grain but haven't bought any recently. I tried the Geco 105 grain but never got great results. Useable but not great. A friend tried them in his rifle and got good grouping. I think I only paid about a pound a round for them aswell so half the price of RWS.

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