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Thread: Portable high seats... Thoughts?

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    Portable high seats... Thoughts?

    Happy new year all.
    was hoping I could ask you guys advice and get your thoughts on the portable/folding high seats that are out there on the market.
    Never used one myself but I'm sure you guys have had some experience, are they any good and if so, what models would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance, hope the new year brings you plenty of luck out there!


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    I have seeland Hercules and have used a bush wear portable.

    i prefer the seeland, is more robust and the shooting rail is a bit less bouncy....

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    I have to say that from my perspective as a largish sort of chap (all muscle you know) most of the portable ones I have been in have been built for 6 year olds with hands where their elbows are. The seats can be tiny and the rifle rest next to useless. Ok not all are like that but if you can get into a high seat from Mothercare then you'll be fine. Being ambidextrous helps too. If you are right handed the shots from the left to centre are ok, but try a shot over on the right hand side and you've no chance.

    They're a brilliant idea and great for getting to know a new piece of land. But I would never buy one without having had a sit in it first. If you are under 5' and a 24" waist then you can probably buy with confidence.

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    You need to provide more information. What are your requirements? How and where are you going to hunt?
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    I have an A1 Decoy portable freestanding one, and have had it for 12 months now. It has been up all that time, I seem to just leave it up with the land I have now, but it moves easily. It took about 20 minutes to put up with the bolts supplied but now I have put wing nuts on, it takes about 10 maybe.

    Seems good to me, sure there are better, but then they are more money. I have used a Bushwear Panther a few times, same comfort - just may last longer? Not a problem if you don't leave it out like I have.

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    The concept of the portable seat looks great in the sales pictures, in reality setting it up against a tree so you can get a shot is far from ideal.
    I have set up loads of single seats for semi long term use, if they don't produce I move them, setting them up to get a good field of view and shot!

    There will always be branches in the way at the height you want to set up at. As for your view well that will be the next challenge.

    To get the seat set right is a lot of work for sure, also you will need to add quite a bit of time into your pitch and shoot seat as no matter how quiet you try to be it will be noisy.

    Good luck

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    Agree, hence lone wolf alpha with climbing sticks might be the go. I can put mine up 4.5m and ready to hunt in about 7min. Faster to take down.

    This is portable

    This is not regardless of what people tell you, too heavy, too awkward to carry, too uncomfortable and ladder flexes too much. Plus I like flat floors to put my feet on.

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    can be setup anywhere to get some height, like this gate post on a fox drive.
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    I bought a telescopic ladder style portable from mereside on here and works very well . I just motor to where I want set up & leave few days then move it.
    I like the adjustable height shoot rail, that's s must for me


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    Portable high seat

    Here is one of mine very quick to change locations
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 011.JPG  

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