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Thread: Barbour solway zipper

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    Barbour solway zipper

    Hi chaps I have for sale a Barbour Solway Zipper complete with hood and belt, it was proofed and had the sleeves extended 2inches by Barbour it has been in the wardrobe since.
    It is in excellent condition with no rips or mends.

    I have no idea what to ask for it so any suggestions would be welcome.

    I am looking for a used brown Aussie Driz-a-Bone full length stock mans coat.

    regards WB

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2130martin View Post
    Yes, sorry that would be helpful, in the label it reads A98 C40/102cm Armpit to cuff 22inches

    So it is far better for us people with long arms.

    PM if of interest.

    regards WB

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    I bought one last year, mint condition 75. Wouldn't pay any more than that though. Hope this helps.

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    Now sold.....

    ATB WB

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    Hi willow
    I have a brown driz-a-bone if your still looking

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    Quote Originally Posted by dearhunter View Post
    Hi willow
    I have a brown driz-a-bone if your still looking
    Hi DH I did reply by PM last night.

    ATB WB

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