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Thread: More problems for Scottish deer?

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    The only way we will get any sense back into Scottish Government whether it be deer, the environment, economy, health, police, transport or anything else that is holy developed to Holyrood is for the SNP to be voted out of power in the forth coming Scottish Electrics. The challenge is that Labour are imploding, Lib Dems haven't yet got off the floor, but quite why the Conservative and Unionists - as they are called up here - are not pushing hard beats me.

    At the moment there is no effective opposition and the SNP just vote things through and do not listen to interested parties.

    So much for their planting 20,000 trees a year - look at the top end of Dee Catchment and in particular the Tweed. Whole forests have been removed to make way for wind farms over the last tree or four years - all of of which have required extra drainage (all activities developed to Scottish Government). Why have there been record floods - yes it has been raining, but .....................

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    What rubbish - which further "powers" do they need or require?

    SNH already has (and has used) the power to enforce deer management plans - and to carry these through by using contractor if the landowner does not comply - did the Scotsman not google "Glenfeshie" before springing to print?

    ............and its 20,000 HECTARES of trees per year, a bit different.

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    Actually the target for new woodland creation is 10,000 ha per year - but this target has never been reached.

    All woodland cut down for windfarms has to be compensated for elsewhere by the developer (and this does not count as new woodland). Whole swathes of upper tweed were ready for felling in any case and most will be replanted, leaving only a "keyhole" around the turbine. If fact many are now planting directly below turbines but will cut these trees early for pulp or woodfuel, but at least are getting some gain from the ground and capturing co2 in the meantime.

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    I stopped reading papers some years ago.
    most of the crap they print is either paid for by someone (to be in) or there is an agenda

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    This is exactly the agenda the John Muir Trust are playing to with their shenanigans on the land they control, and with the SNP in power is probably going to prevail. Sad days for Scotland.

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