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Thread: Buying a rifle overseas - bringing back via tunnel...

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    Buying a rifle overseas - bringing back via tunnel...


    I'll be travelling to Germany soon for a leisure trip with the fine lady and am considering the cost savings of buying a rifle whilst out there.

    I hoping for a Blaser R8 223 ProSucess.

    Has anyone here ever bought a rifle in Germany and then drove home with it?

    What steps are there for us to do? What complications did you get?

    Many thanks in advance

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    So i saw that thread but got confused with the shipping option. I will be travelling with the rifle so i guess i need a transfer license? pg34
    Transfers of non-prohibited firearms and ammunition to the UK from within the EU
    86.For transfers within the EU, the provisions of the EU Weapons Directive apply. A transferlicence is required from the transferring member state for the transfer to the UK of newlyacquired firearms. There is no import licence requirement as long as the transfer licenceaccompanies the firearm to the UK and you have the domestic authority to possess it. Thisalso applies if you transfer handguns to Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. A EuropeanFirearms Pass and BVP is required for transfers by EU residents from another EU MemberState to the UK.

    So will the seller (likely a shop) provide me with the transfer license? Or is this something i need to apply for?

    What about carrying the rifle on the eurotunnel? Bringing my dog home after a trip abroad is stressful enough!

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    Yes, correct. The seller will have to apply for the Transfer Licence, so you'll need it arranged and in place before collection.

    Not done it myself but travelling with firearms and ammo via Eurotunnel looks to be relatively easy:

    On the other hand IIRC firearms can be carried when travelling on Eurostar via the tunnel okay but you have to arrange it beforehand with the carrier, ammo is a no-no on the train.

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