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Thread: Patiently waiting

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    Patiently waiting

    Hello all

    Joining up here as I've been patiently awaiting my SGC for a year, I read on this forum that my local FEO in Duns that I had original contact with this time last year has gone, along with the Police Scotland changes - unfortunate as it seems the system is in a real mess. While the new civilian FEO for the Scottish Borders has been really helpful it really seems their hands are tied.

    Looking forward to blasting some clays though once it arrives. Considering following this up with an S1 application, by the time I retire in 2045 it should have landed. May as well apply for the rimfire / full bore now the restrictions for my little airgun are more or less the same!

    If anyone local fancies a nice Weirauch/Theoben HW90 with 3-9x50 in .22 let me know! Stock needs some work but it's a nice rifle; taken many a bunny/squirrel in its time but no longer worth the hassle of keeping it with the ridiculous new AGC legislation.


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    A year ?! Wow. Guys in Duns have always been really good. My last variation went through in weeks. Backlog seemed to be at Fettes where they have had redundancies etc. I use to speak to Fettes directly for updates, maybe they just got sick of hearing from me and pushed it through !

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    Thanks David - yep the backlog is most definitely at Fettes.

    Although the initial processing in Glasgow before the FEO could do the references, interview etc munched through a good 6 months. I was told that variations and renewals are being given priority over new applications.
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    Welcome to the site,

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    That really is a sad state of affairs, a year? how on earth can that be justified with modern technology and methods. The trouble is from what I see there ids precious little we can do about it. Still it seems very wrong to me.

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    To all those offering advice (and offers for my air rifle) - thank youThe SGC arrived in February and I've had a fantastic year shooting thousands of clays and took home my first game bag yesterday.As it transpires, I'm allowed by the good graciousness of our SNP overlords to keep my airguns for the next 4-point-something years as a S2 holder, but then of course it's basically the same application process as a centrefire/rimfire *WTF*. So perhaps I'll advertise again or make a friend across the road in the beautiful county of Northumberland that will hang on to them for me :-)

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    Glad you are now sorted anyway


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