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Thread: Mod wanted

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    Mod wanted

    Just awaiting the return of my firearms certificate and in looking for a second hand moderator for a .270 rifle as light and as short as possible really cheers

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    How does a .30 cal Lawrence Precision Neon Titanium Moderator grab you? a mate is selling his so far only 15 or so rounds have been put through it from new. The thread size is M14. Its about as light & short as it comes.

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    Hi GNU thanks for the offer - however everywhere I read about them the sound suppression is crap, not for me I don't think I have read a number of articles that have nothing good to say about them at all, thanks for the offer though

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    Might be an idea to publish thread form, if the BBL is threaded naturally.......

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    Just found out its a 1/2 inch UNF thread anything going ?

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    sounds ok - how much you wanting ? any pix ? cheers

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