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Thread: Best base layer

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    Best base layer

    I asked a few people this and have got several different answers so I thought I would put it on her and hopefully get my answer.
    Unfortunatly I sweat quite a lot even with light exercise, I am due up on the hill very shortly and find after a good half an hour iam sweating like an old
    bullock which is ok until we have to stop and wait then I get quite cold, I was going to buy a swazi but that wont stop me sweating I think I need to sort
    out the base layers first so iam after some info on the best type ie materials , brands , thanks

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    Merino base layer is best I find. It's not cheap but check out mountain warehouse they have a sale on.
    I use Icebreaker base layer is brilliant certainly not cheap but works well.
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    My body runs hot too & I find that a pure merino wool undergarment/vest with a woollen top (I use Bison Bushcraft Guide Shirt) is warm, breathable, shower-proof & quiet for stalking. You'll need a light waterproof for heavy rain though. Lightweight tweed breeks & not-too-thick socks with ankle gaiters allow my legs to keep cool.

    Re. above; I bought one of the Mountain Warehouse merino shirts & they're not 100% wool.

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    Have a look at the Icebreaker range of base layers. They do different weights and all made from 100% merino. Not the cheapest, but I have found them to be excellent.

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    Woolpower = superb merino wool baselayer.

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    Another vote for Icebreaker merino wool. I have their long johns and a hooded top - keep you warm when its cold but don't overheat when it is warm.

    One of the shooting mags (either Shooting Times or Sporting Gun) did a group test last month and the Ridgeline Bamboo stuff came out as best value for what you pay, its 45 for a long sleeve top, short sleeve top and a pair of leggings, I think I am going to get a set to try - can't go wrong for that money.

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    Another vote for Merino wool ,but being a bit tight got mine from Aldi .Very good ,warm and dry and only 20 an item
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    I'll go against the merino as a sweaty lad. It holds the sweat which cools once you stop. I go for a fast wicking synthetic base layer to get the moisture off the skin, and then layer a merino on top of that. Keeps me warm and dry.

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    I can't fault the Under Armour thermal base layers, really warm!! Kept me relatively happy in -16C!! They draw the sweat away from your body so it doesn't get cold when you stop for periods of time. Quick drying too.

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