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Thread: Car park idiots

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    Car park idiots

    I'm not sure if it's just me. I just parked in a car park away from any cars. When I got back I could hardly open my doors! Loads of space around but they have to park so close!

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    No its not just you. My wife has a little red Swift Sport and it doesn't matter where she parks it. When she returns there is always a 4x4 stuck next to it. She was going to start a photo blog as it is guaranteed and amusing at the same time.(some Times)
    Well its now payback time as she takes delivery of her 4x4 on Friday.
    So if you suddenly find you cant or your wife cant get into your drivers door, and you have to clamber over the centre console to get behind the wheel. Tough ****

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    Search You park like a c*** for some gems.


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    Don't get me started. If I hire a car I now use Thrifty Car as they still offer zero excess. Too often I've had a dent in a door from a 4x4 and with no excess that's 200 for a new door skin.

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    The wife's car was smacked badly in a multi-storey car park in Andover.

    made a right mess of the drivers door, a lady heard it but just said it was a long truck with big wheels.

    since then it's been hit three more times,so now we have said just leave it and we will just run it into the ground,

    real pain when you need a tin opener to get back into your own car,

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    Well I've got a 4X4, but unlike many seem to think, I'm not the problem. I always try and find a parking space away from other vehicles if possible and if not, park next to a car that looks as though the owner cares about it. I always try to park in the middle of my bay too so as to leave a reasonable gap for the neighbours, and where you get those spaces that are too tight even for a Smart car, I park closer to the passenger side of other cars, so leaving the option of reversing out and then letting the passengers board. That's always the theory anyway.

    Of course 4X4's do eat up space, but I find the problem is usually some young woman in a scruffy track suit in a 10 year old Seat or Ford or something that parks diagonally in a space before kids of various ages disgorge like paratroopers on D-Day, usually holding as many sharp objects.

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    I have 4 children so please do not think I am picking on anyone. My ideas for parking are:-

    Park away from the supermarket and walk those in a hurry often take less care and park close to the door.
    Don't park next to another car if possible.
    Don't go at peak times.
    Avoid school run times
    Never park next to a battered car
    Don't park next to a car with child seats
    Street parking usually avoids side damage and entry problems but can result in being trapped in or a shuffle to get out of the space
    If necessary to park along side other vehicles pick the most expensive newest ones available.

    I would not park next to my own car

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    I park my work van or truck over 2 spaces if the super markets don't give you room why risk your paint work I don't park that near the front though

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    just buy a Nissan one comes near you because ,A they are built like brickshi.t houses and B people know your an idiot cause your driving one.

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