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Thread: Pistols & humane dispatch

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    Pistols & humane dispatch

    hi folks

    quick one for you..

    i know nowt bout pistols other than they are banned ....end of thats all i know...even then i bet there are excemptions or the like for humane dispatch of deer etc

    anybody on here know more could enlighten me regarding laws calibres ( possible to get .22lr pistol ? using same ammo as your rimmy?) etc?

    ive come across a few road kills ( driving behind etc) this year that required the knife and it can be quite "graphic" for the people sitting in their car 20 yards away etc etc.

    forgive my ignorance but its got me thinking

    sauer/ paul

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    Your first point of contact should be the FLO, some will authorise others will not. I believe up until the handgun ban, there was no "Humane dispatch" pistol although I may be wrong. I would think if you can show evidince of "Good Reason to possess" then you might be lucky. If you are just on about, driving down the road and I saw an RTA involving a wild animal (Deer), I don't think they would be forthcoming with the pistol. If you are on a RTA call out register, this might help.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    I havn't asked for a pistol, but I did ask for "humane dispatch" to be added to my FAC conditions and have had to give documentary eveidence that I needed it. I havd to provide letters from the landowners who i performed this service for, I should have photographed and documented each one, but was in such a rush to put the animals out of their misery that it never occured to me at the time.

    There have been several noted examples in the sporting press about professional stalkers being granted .44 magnums etc. Most slaughtermen for the local hunts seem to use a cut down .410 in a leather holster. I have used my 6.5 three times, but bought an old folding .410 especially for the job in case I was on hard ground, i have had all my rifles conditioned for "Humane Dispatch" too.
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    As an aside, I know someone whose FAC came back with his .32 revolver for 'human dispatch' - a slightly scary consequence from a mislaid vowel...

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    I wonder if the fac bears the chief constables signature,as of course it's a "condition" he has applied, isn't it?
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    There was a guy in the Shooting Times that took his FLD to the high court to get a .44 magnum for humane dispatch of wild boar and won he allready had a .357 but though he needed something bigger.

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    Hi Sauer..

    You can still have one of these fella in varying calibres..

    this one is a .357

    Great fun on the skittles

    Uploaded with

    Not shown in the picture is the brace that gives it the required minimum length..

    Edited to add this is not for humane despatch

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    Quote Originally Posted by pheasant sniper 1 View Post
    Hi Sauer..

    You can still have one of these fella in varying calibres..

    this one is a .357

    Great fun on the skittles

    Bloody hell Terry, How do you get in the bowling alley with that.

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    If you can prove reasonable grounds there is no reason not to be granted a pistol for humane destruction . There are captive bolt guns available, but the problem is, not all wounded animals are just going to lie there and let you put it against its head! I Know two stalkers who have .357/.38 for this and huntsman who has a .32. The Guy who won the recent court case written about in ST, Savas, also sells them, don't have his contact number anymore but I think he is from the London area

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    A mate of mine who's a farmer has a .22lr for humane dispatch but i think when the pistol ban came in for him to be able to keep it they drilled a hole crossways through the muzzle end of the barrel and removed the sights.

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