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Thread: your centrefire rifles - moderated or not?

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    your centrefire rifles - moderated or not?

    Just wondering how many still shoot un moderated rifles, which cartridges and why?

    threaded with option to use or not

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    Unmoderated, unthreaded, 45-120 Falling block. It's a pretty rifle and moddy's, to my mind, aren't. Plus, with a 32" barrel, it's long enough.
    I will shorten it one day but it'll remain unthreaded.

    I also have an unthreaded 308 but that'll be done at some point and will be moderated.
    Any Questions Feel Free to PM me

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    6.5x55mm -
    Always moderated as it's my stalking rig

    Empty slots for:
    6.5x47 -
    Will be unmoderated as for range only

    .308 -
    Will be unmoderated as going old school with a Lee Enfield 7.62
    Sako 75 6.5x55mm-Z6i 3-18x50. MauserM12 .308-SIII 6-24x50. Beretta 690 III Field 12b.
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    Normally unmoderated.

    Sako 75 hunter .243 with the 22 1/2" barrel; threaded with invisible cap fitted but I do have an Ase Jet-z.

    The rifle is only used for deer & I almost never sit, far preferring to walk & I like a relatively light & handy rifle for this. A prone shot is extremely unusual for me & that great lump on the end of a long barrel was intolerable for trying to get the rifle onto sticks or when using a set sling. Handling is very important to me & the mod turned an object of beauty & functionality into something rather more agricultural. I would only fire a very occasional shot anyway & it doesn't seem that much louder than a shotgun. It also doesn't seem to make any difference to accuracy whether it's on or off, although the poi moves significantly. I suspect that it makes you lazy about technique if you only shoot moderated rifles.

    As I've said elsewhere on here I like to store my rifle with a smear of oil in the barrel so I patch it out then put the mod on and fire a couple of shots into a safe backstop, take the mod off then I'm good to go.

    I do have a second scope sitting in mounts that's zeroed for the mod just in case it's needed but I don't suppose I'll use it much.
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    As Moderators are a fairly new thing mine were not except a 22 L/R one for bunnies. It seems due to range regulations that the rifle used during the summer (Holiday) season will have to have a moderator! Cannot say this thrills me as from my very limited experience with them they ruin the balance plus it is an extra cost.

    Finding a proper target rifle threaded is not as easy as it might be it seem. Looked at a nice 7.62x51 single shot target rifle but due to the target tunnel foresight it looks like it is not possible the thread the muzzle. So we are reduced to looking at a sporting rifle for holiday season range use.

    The plan is to get-

    222 Sporting rifle for general practice. Vintage BSA NO moderator

    7.62x51 traditional prone target rifle single shot ...... if possible might have threaded muzzle.

    Sporting rifle threaded for moderator muzzle mounted as it will have iron sights in usable condition. 280 AI possibly still waiting on a reply on my enquiry about the costs of this. If not we have to think again.

    The 280? sporting rifle would also be used for paid outings of stalking hopefully.

    Moderator ? now that is the question?

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    Sadly no. Not legal here in paradise (Western Australia).
    My .22 is very quiet sometimes due I think to a special barrel weight I made for it ;o)

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    Hate the bloody things.

    Make rifles a real embuggerance to carry around, whereas I barely notice an unmoderated one (they got the design right 100 years ago...). Vastly increase the risk of corrosion on your crown. Add one more variable to 'mystery' accuracy problems.

    I have an uncut .243, an uncut .308 and an uncut .270. I am a self confessed recoil pansy, and do not find it unpleasant to shoot any of them (they all have long barrels and old fashioned, heavy stocks).

    I do have a mod left over from when I had a .222 that I used for night time foxing, and have yet to decide whether to put it on the .222. But the idea of cutting the .243 fills me with dread.

    There is no good reason for a recreational stalker to use a mod. Ear plugs are infinitely cheaper and easier to use...

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    All mine are moderated.

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    All off mine are moderated apart from my .256 gibbs magnum, kept old school

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    Apart from my rimfires, all my rifles are, and have been unmoderated. I'm not sure I really see the need for one, unless it's a requirement of your stalking permission.

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