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Thread: A Hard frosty morning stalk

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    A Hard frosty morning stalk

    Well last Friday morning headed off to my stalking ground got there for about eight . Got myself set up using my browning X-bolt in 243 topped off with a s&b 8-56 . The ground I was stalking that's day is a mixture of small woods sarouned with cut stubble fields and turnip fields . Started to have a good glad around the edges of the tree lines and started to move I'm new to deer stalking and this was my first stalk on a frosty morning! As I found out it's hard to keep you noise down when it's like this but I expected the challenge and had a few steps and a good glass with my vortex 8-42 these a great starting bino! After a while of watching I spotted 3 roe one was a doe with a buck in velvet was amazing to see him I've never seen one in velvet before and she had a buck kid with her last years young . As I stalked up the tree line heading towards the back end of a turnip field I seen another three roe a doe with a buck and a doe last years young as I moved closer I could see a head from the long grass this was a doe as well but a youngster. After glassing them for a while I started to make good ground on the edge of the stubble field . So etching this youngster I noticed see looked a bit scruffy I could just tell she was a bit down compared to the others feeding and browsing . Well got my self set up on my new quad sticks the sealand ones before these I just had two legged ones but I felt soild with my rifle ! Waited for the right chance for a shot making sure my back stop was there and making sure of a clean kill as I didn't want the roe to suffer any more not more than 3mins later sh started to move into the field a but more towards the others . With a sure back stop and a perfect broadside stance I Barked she stopped dead with my crosshairs just behind her shoulder I let of a shot with a big jump and back legs kicked out I new the shot was good she mad maybe 10 yards and fell with a few kicks and she was dead ! Waited and watch as the others ran off and made my way to her on route to her I inspected the strike site and seen hair and blood with a good trail . As I good to the doe I could see I had picked the right cull beast as she was think with big baldy patches after gutting the beast I inspected offal and the liver was pale and no fat in her for this time of year so glad I got her hers a few pics has any one else seen this or any ideas of what it is !? Cheers for reading Matt .
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    Well done mate a good one to take, a great write up and nice pics bazil

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazil View Post
    Well done mate a good one to take, a great write up and nice pics bazil
    Cheers for reading Bazil!

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    Well done mate, good choice of cull. Nice rifle set up by the way!

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    Well Done! Nice photos,


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    NICE WORK WELL DONE,atb doug,

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    Cheers guys much appreciated Matt

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