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Thread: Stovies?

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    Stovies, my wife, at my request, made "Stovies"for us, now, "Stovies" for me was made by my Nan and Granny with mashed tatties, onion, carrot, maybe peas and sausages or left over beef or lamb, the tatties were ALWAYS mashed! What the wife made was sausage stew, tatties left in chunks in gravey!!
    She's still not speaking to me for questioning her recipe!!
    Come on, what's the views on Stovies? Mashed or left in chunks in gravey, sausage? beef?

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    Correct always mashed!
    Usually lamb or beef but always mashed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyEddie View Post
    Correct always mashed!
    Usually lamb or beef but always mashed.
    Thank you, I agree, she's just informed me that she's never had Stovies!!! How the he'll can someone who's 45 and grew up in Greenock never have had Stovies?!!!

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    MASHED ???? It's Sliced potatoes !! Heathens

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    Different area's have different metods , in the North East of Scotland the tatties are cut into small chunks and stewed in fat in a pot with pullef beef and onions until the tatties break down, stirred and served. Certanly never mashed.

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    Sliced spuds, chunky spuds, whole small shallots. Never had mashed spuds which to me would make the dish a hash rather than stovies. Truth is there are many , many recipes floating around and I understand that the original was made with left over chicken.


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    Definitely sliced potatoes. Mashed !! Never the term stovies means stew made from left-overs . Mashed potatoes Really. Dinny thinksa Ken.

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    Hi Spuds cooked to an inch of their life, so that they fall apart indicating that they might have been mashed. That is why it is always a sloppy mixture. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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    Never mashed tatties are sliced add onions and any leftover meat you may have anything left over from the Sunday roast is ideal,fry gently in beef dripping never oil add a little water and a lid to the pot allow to steam until tatties

    are softt and broken down and all water has been absorbed.

    Serve with oatcakes and pickled beetroot.

    Stovies should only have three ingredients tatties onions and meat nothing else, tatties should not be mashed if they are its hash good enough but not stovies.

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    bogtrotter has nailed it but can I just add that lamb stovies are the best and you can put a little left over gravy in if you have it. mmmm

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