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Thread: I'm still stumped.

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    I'm still stumped.

    Why are moderators/silencers classed as a licensable firearm and up until ten years ago a real pain in the erse to get granted? H&S concerns make the grant now easier but they are just a tin can with baffles and need variations for having more than one on the same rifle.

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    As I guess you know, originally they were devices that were only seen to be used by people such as assassins, not stalkers or vermin controllers and so were made subject to licencing. But there are now so many valid reasons to have them, such as H&S, i.e. so as not to cause injury to ears, so as not to unduly disturb livestock, so as to not to unduly disturb people who might be living in proximity to where you are shooting, so as not to unduly disturb wildlife (except perhaps what you're shooting at) and so on.

    Today, the only effect of having them licenced is to create pointless administrative paperwork. Just one of the strange effects of having piecemeal legislation covering firearms enacted over many decades.

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    They were only accepted by the authorities after an FC ranger threatened a law suit due to the risk of permanent damage to his hearing during the course of his job

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    It's probably got more to do with the portrayal of "silencers" in films and TV than anything else - always makes me laugh when they make that pphhtt sound...last time I checked, my rifles are anything but silent even when equipped with silencers

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    I bought mine off ticket from ebay, then had an RFD put it on my ticket.. A joke.

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    Still not as crazy as the USA where you can have pretty much any firearm you want, but no moderator!

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    Because, I believe, it's a 'pressure bearing part' which is therefore considered (Home Office guidelines I think) as a controlled part of a S1 firearm. Just like your bolt and unlike your stock or scope. Silly really.

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    Maybe we should ask if we can have them removed from legislation.

    a partition?

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    Also, the fact that they're listed separately on FAC and most of us have a mod for each rifle we own effectively doubles the number of "firearms" in private ownership - all useful statistics for the anti gun lobby.

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    They are classed as licensable firearms because they are specifically included in the definition of a firearm in the 1968 Act.


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