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Thread: Blaser r93/r8

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    Blaser r93/r8

    Good evening gents, I am after a bit of advice, I have been offered a tidy r93 wood in 30-06, can someone tell me what the key differences are between the 93 and 8? Also what is the simplest/ smartest solution/ approx cost to attach the scope?

    Many thanks Ben

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    R8 it got the detachable magazine/trigger unit, the R93 don't, you need to load from the top.
    The Blaser saddle mount is the best scope mount out there but will set you back around 400 quid. Cheaper options are available though...

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    Thank you, 400 that is pricey, I will have to look at cheaper alternatives, I don't need to keep removing the scope.

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    They are often available second hand for 250, well worth the money.
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    I shall have a look about for one. Thank you for the help chaps.

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    I use the original Blaser mounts on mine, bought from Europe for about the 280 mark. Aftermarket mounts, both fixed and detachable , are available on eBay starting at 180. MAC also do aftermarket mounts, ring swillington shooting supplies for a price on those.

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    Well I got a 2nd hand pair of mounts from Macleods. Very good service and a sensible price too!! Thanks for the advice chaps.

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    I'm looking for a picatinny QR mount for my blaser R93 that i collected yesterday. I feel like a big kid!

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