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    ballistics app

    Hi I have not been shooting rifles much for the past 4 years or more due to work commitments but now I have a bit of time I going to put my rig back together ,i got a 2nd hand leup mk4 lrt yesterday and wondered which ballistic app you guys use? last time i used anything it was exbal on a pda.
    Also looking for optilock rings in 30mm low if anyone has any I have a set of 30mm medium to sell swap also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    So reading this implies you may have to pay more for specific bullet drag curves?
    is that right?

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    Strelock on Android, always found it easy to use, JBM ballistics is good for printable versions

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    Applied ballistics is a good tool, ballistic ae and sterlok are also pretty good. If your running a rugged PDA atrag is the best system I've used in conjunction with a kestrel n4000 Bluetooth.

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    Pm sent re rings

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