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Thread: Browning t-bolt target varmint .17 hmr

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    Browning t-bolt target varmint .17 hmr

    I'm thinking about getting one of these browning t bolts in .17hmr.
    Has any one had any experience with them?

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    General opinion is nice little rifle apart from the crap trigger -which, apparently, is almost impossible to improve.



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    Really pleased with mine in laminate stainless. Very accurate with Remington accutip which Countryman of Derby do a good price on. Yes trigger is heavy but a clean break, so was not a reason for me to discount getting one. Don't know if you have tried a HMR before but it's a bit noisy in the woods whatever mod you use. If it's your first HMR whatever you get I think you will have fun and enjoy v flat shooting up to 150 yards.

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    I was looking at the laminet stainless ones. And in synthetic stocks.
    I wont have the trouble of noise in woods, mostly flat and hilly land it will be used in.
    any recommendations for a moderator?
    But thanks for the replies.

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    got the lighter sporter version, very useful 100yd bunny/fox basher when Im working around the shoot. trigger not great but ok for what it does. straight pull took a bit of time to get use to and its a bit fussy on feeding Hornady 17gn vmax ammunition. overall pretty happy with it, the .17hmr is a great round and I use my .22rf very little nowadays

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    I can't see the point in a 'target' rifle with a crap trigger. Like Porsche pulling a utility trailer.~Muir

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    got to agree

    your defeating the object having a target rifle with a crap trigger.

    get the sporter and a sak mod, if your in open space the mod will do you a treat and at 39 silly not to.

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    I'd have to say that I don't use my .17 Tbolt sporter for target shooting, IMO its not up to that at all, just a light utility rifle. There may be other .17 that fit your bill if thats what you're after (Anschutz do one I think?). If you just like the look of the laminate/stainless then thats your personal choice.

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    Does anyone else find it odd that a rifle for shooting bits of paper or card it seems needs a better trigger than a rifle used to humanly dispatch live quarry?

    After all the card or paper will not really mind if you pull a shot off one side due to a heavier or poorer trigger.

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    the scorer would mind!
    seriously though, a target trigger at 8oz pull wouldn't necessarily be my first choice for a stalking trigger. And you're right, having the best/most consistent/reliable and safest trigger you can afford to aid you in humanely despatching live quarry should be as important in a stalking rifle as it is in a target rifle.

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