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Thread: Ford Ranger Thunder Double Cab

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    Ford Ranger Thunder Double Cab

    Slight test of the water with this one:

    My trusty Ranger might have to be swapped in for something newer in the near future.

    It is a 2007, 2.5 TDCI, Thunder model, finished in black. 112,000 miles (I've had it since 25,000 in 2010) and has never had any major issues. In fact all it has ever needed has been oil changes, filters, brake pads & tyres and a new catalytic converter but that's hardly a fault... it disappeared one night a few years ago! Doesn't use a drop of oil.

    Majority of use has been road miles with a bit of light off-roading and the truck has towed a light (750kg max trailer) on less than 5 occasions.

    I have kitted it out as a stalking truck. It has a truckman canopy, load liner and an armadillo roll & lock cover if you wanted to put it back on, I have also fitted a small recovery winch in the back for loading large carcases in. I have a loading ramp for that which could go with if needed. General Grabber AT's all round.

    In honesty, the truck has a few dents and scrapes as they tend to acquire driving around woods and so on but nothing major. The dog rides up front and you may pick an eau-de-GWP aroma mixed with a slight whiff of rutting buck! It has also started an odd habit of being sluggish to start when hot...... no idea what that is but runs with no problem.

    Seems to be worth about 5,000 ish but if anyone is interested at 4,000 as it stands before i spend out on sort out the hot starting problem let me know.

    Link to pics below.
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    Where in east anglia are you. any photos

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    Hi, in Bishops Stortford. Will post some pics up asap for you.

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    Thanks, PM Sent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 243 fallow View Post
    Nice truck that mate
    You're not charging extra for the Eau de GWP?

    Right truck, wrong time, have a bump on me

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