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    Am after some new waterproof trousers have worn Pro Hunters and whilt i find them indistructible they have always leaked
    Ive tried Country COvers ( fortis ) and material not strong and they leaked like a sieve so dont want those and have Nomad Trousers but not strong enough for my type of beating ( but are waterproof )

    Are there any other alternatives in a Cordura type material so strong but also waterproof or shall i try Pro Hunters again ?

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    For beating you don't really want something that uses a Teflon membrane for waterproofing. Pro Hunters are excellent, but if you wear through or pierce the GoreTex membrane they will leak, the outer fabric, although tough will wick moisture through.

    I'd suggest looking at a waxed G-1000 trouser from Fjall Raven. Although a bit more old school in concept, the modern fabrics and waxes make them a really good performer in abrasive environments.

    Trousers - MEN Fjallraven

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    I use full leg wax over trousers. Keeps me dry. Usually over sherwood trousers.

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    I have had Laksens for about 7 years now and they are still very good but I do only wear them when stalking so not every day use. They were brilliant in Scotland and withstood 2 days of very wet weather. Very warm and still water proof. Just ordered a new pair.

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    ive been recomended laksen but odnt know which model which do you have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by carl2351 View Post
    ive been recomended laksen but odnt know which model which do you have?
    I think I had the Sika trousers but they no longer make them so I have the "Grizzly" ones should be here soon. They look to have the same spec..

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    Had a pair of Fjallraven Brenner trousers for a bit, they're doing well so far.

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    Haglofs Rugged II Mountain pants well worth a look.

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    Washing decent trousers such as pro hunters in Nikwax will make them waterproof again!
    It's designed for goretex.

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    My laksen trousers are the best I have owned. 50 from Donaldsons. Warm, waterproof and genuinely breathable, and I sweat easily. If I'm ever going to be walking through very rough stuff then I throw a pair of cheap chaps on over the top.

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