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Thread: Field and Country Fair, Cornbury Park, 10-12th June 2016

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    Field and Country Fair, Cornbury Park, 10-12th June 2016

    Good morning everyone!

    I saw in last week's Shooting Times that their publishers, Time Inc, are launching the Field and Country Fair in June, one of the various attempts to step into the space vacated by the CLA Game Fair.

    The Field Country Fair launched by Time Inc UK - Field and country fair

    Given that it's an easy train ride away, unless something else comes up, I'll be heading there, probably on the Saturday, to see what it's like. It certainly looks like there will be plenty of stalking stuff:

    Stalking will be another high profile feature of the Field & Country Fair and it would be hard to find a more appropriate location than Cornbury Park with its history as a royal hunting lodge and now a thriving working estate; Cornbury already welcomes deer stalking parties and produces high quality venison and world class buck and stag trophies for visiting stalkers. Here at the Show you can find out more about deer management and how to take part in stalking Ė perhaps for the first time. There will be a range of exhibitors all directly connected to deer stalking and management with a selection of rifles, optics, clothing, footwear and general stalking equipment.
    Anyone else interested? It would be good to meet a few people!

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    Looks like a easy to get to place, well worth a visit, I'll get the charabang out, the pheasant syndicate gang will want to go to that one 😃

    Dont forget, looooong deep pockets and short arms, or bring someone along to carry it all 👀

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    I'm hoping that Chiltern Trains put on a bus service from Banbury to Cornbury as they do for the music festival. If they do then I'll be able to travel to Banbury for free on the Saturday or Sunday as it's included in my annual ticket.

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    This isn't far away now and I was wondering if anyone here was planning to go? I'll be there on Saturday 11th probably, and with any luck so will Mrs PM and YPM. It would be good to see a couple of known faces or perhaps put a face to some pseudonyms.

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    As Cornbury is only 15 minutes away - I am planning on going.

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    Right, I just bought two tickets. In a slight change of plan, it'll actually be me, YPM, and YPM's granny as opposed to Mrs PM. I have promised him horses, so there had better be some around.

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    Will be there Saturday 11th

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    Just got the tickets through today, got a bit of a charabang outing going up from here on the Saturday

    all things being equal, looks to be a good day out, got the tickets for £15.00 each as well, saved a little bit more to spend when there ????

    looking forward to it, didn't get to one last year



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    Will be there on Saturday with the family (daughter,son in law and grandchildren).

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    Do you think it will be worth the visit?

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