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    What kind of tip would I give to the stalker after a day in the hinds, or what's the rule of thumb???

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    As much as you can afford , I try our best to look after our hind stalker because he looks after us I don't see the point in a bottle every keeper / stalker I know has barrels of scotch I have at least 20 sitting on my cupboard and I drink ! This won't be popular with the more tight arsed stalkers ! I'm just saying how I see it your choice ! a decent malt costs what 20>30 put that in the palm of your hand and shake the stalkers hand when you head home as long as your happy with the way you were hosted
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    I'm fortunate in that I've never had to pay for stalking, but I'd imagine it should be in some way 'performance related'? By that I don't just mean whether you connected with an animal, but how well you were hosted, etc. Is your main stalking fee already going to your guide, or is it going to the estate? If he is a lowly underpaid estate worker I'd probably give him more than I would if I'd already paid my wedge direct to him as the land or leaseholder. I doubt there is a rule of thumb, but I bet your initial fee will be set at a level where they are already happy? I would think enough to buy a good drink would cover most situations?

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    Thanks for that guys that's sounds fine to me 30

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    Previous posters have pretty much covered it, many give bottles which is OK, but most of us are awash with bottles and and cold hard cash is appreciated more.

    Tip what you can afford , tip should be relevant to the effort the stalker has put in to your day .

    The suggestion of 20 to 30 for a day at the hinds is around the average I received and I was certainly happy to receive that.

    Tipping is a difficult subject for both stalker and client and most of us are appreciative of any tip we receive.

    There are some who don't tip on principle but tipping the stalker is tradional ( Highland stalking) word gets around stalkers talk to each other and those that don't tip soon find they are not welcome on many places.

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    Commercial rates for hind stalking are about half that of stag stalking, on the open hill ( c.250 Vs 500) so you can afford to tip equally as well for either if the effort has been put in. Bear in mind that you often get two separate stalks on hinds whereas stags can be an early bath or a bigger hole in your pocket !
    I have been tipping 50 per day for a few years now although grouse beater's pay has gone from 40 /day and is now c60 / day. That is + or - tax since 2013.
    Pheasant days locally down south are around 20/100 birds shot. We shot 177 yesterday and I tipped 40 along with the other 8 guns. On that estate beaters are paid 25/ day.
    But I don't want to subsidise low pay by poor employers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deerpath View Post
    On that estate beaters are paid 25/ day.
    But I don't want to subsidise low pay by poor employers.
    But that is out of your control and the expectation is already there.
    rule of thumb in all tips....10%
    more if service is good
    more if its great!

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    I usually tip 40 on a 100 bird, driven day, ( if the day has gone well ) and would consider the same amount fine for a day on the hinds.

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