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Thread: Police Scotland waiting times

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    Talking Police Scotland waiting times

    New grant FAC received today, 4 and a half months after submission. This is actually quicker that I feared it might be. FAO and office staff have been very pleasant and helpful through out in dealing with a massive lack of resources that is not of their making.

    Very happy bunny heading to the toy shop at the weekend.

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    Enjoy !, it's not always doom n gloom with Police Scotland and it's good to hear positive outcomes. The FEO John Girrity that I've had renewals and variations with has always been very helpful and has an excellent knowledge of firearms user's requirements.
    All the best
    Reiver xxv

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    Alan Beveridge is the FEO at this side of the Borders but I have had dealings with John Girrity in the past - make such a difference to have a guy who knows his people and his patch

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    Plus one for John Girrity always been v helpful in all my dealings over the years.


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    Police scotland are doing a fantastic job, occasional hickup with lack of resourses but on the whole a great big
    well done Police Scotland


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    A friend applied for his FAC back in April last year (Aberdeenshire), he had the visit middle of December and is still waiting. I am one of his referees and I am still waiting for the phone call.
    When I applied three years ago when Grampian police it was 17 days from posting the application to certificate landing on the doorstep.

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    Don't know about Police Scotland elswhere, but Inverness are first class and very quick indeed. Kirstie Miller, is brilliant to deal with....

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