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Thread: Question for knife makers\experts.

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    Question for knife makers\experts.

    I have been asked to make a knife for a chap who is a bit of an explorer. Nothing extreme but just likes to get "off piste" sometimes.
    The knife will be a camp type knife, 5 inch blade and made from o1 tool steel 4ml wide.
    My question is should I put a skandi grind on this or just the usual flat grind with a micro bevel. It will be more of utility knife than a hunter.
    Many thanks guys.

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    For a knife that size which might be used for butchering, cutting camp utensils out of limbs, etc, I would want some strength and thickness, so a saber grind, leaving the upper half flat, would suit me. And since the blade is that long, and probably 1.5 inches wide, you could clip the point a bit, not as much as a Bowie, and still have lots of sweep for skinning but with more point than a quartermaster's knife ( like the Cattaraugas 225Q or the Q45).

    A full tang with a pommel or exposed tang is useful, too, for things like breaking ice and having a lanyard hole.

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    Hi Southern, you are right with the clip point , I have already got that shape cut. I like the idea of leaving a bit of the tang exposed.
    Cheers mate, Tusker

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    No knife making expert but as a knife user I don't like scandi grind. Its OK for making incisions or butchery around bones but not much else IMO. Its hopeless for paring cuts and I don't thing its necessarily easy to sharpen especially round a curved tip. I much prefer a flat or convex grind. And a drop point profile.

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