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Thread: Howa Mini?

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    Howa Mini?

    A month or 2 on from the original thread on it, does anyone have one yet or has played with one properly? I'd be keen to know if the magazine feed on the mini is any better than the short/ action conversion kit and also what the stock is actually like - it looks good in the video someone posted but it would be nice to hear it from the horses mouth.

    Also, any idea what they will cost, you can pick up a normal howa package for circa 800.

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    I was offered a 204 with 20" varmint barrel for 525.
    Seems like a bargain.

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    Looks like less than $400 in the states.
    the mag release feels poorly placed for a sporting rifle and once tripped the mag falls away very easily.
    hope the replacement mags are cheap as i can see a few getting lost.
    Its strange that no range reports yet.
    there are 2 in the local shop, but the show is on in feb,
    I have a little toy fund, however , the want list is long but dont actually need anything
    And the bunnies dont seem to be bouncing back after the mixy, so no hurry

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    My son has one 20" varmint barrel in 204 & it reminds me of a scout rifle great smooth action no feed problems & 1" groups at 200m for 500 it a nice tool as stated mag release is too easy for my liking but he hasn't had any problems with it

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    I ended up going for a Cz because I wanted a 17 Hornet.
    If it doesn't work out then it will be replaced with a Howa mini in 204. It reperesents an amazing bargain at just over 500, which is half the price of the equivalent Tikka T3.

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