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Thread: Snow Camo?

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    Snow Camo?

    Hi does anyone know where i can get some reasonably priced snow camo. An Overjacket/smock or similar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badger View Post
    Hi does anyone know where i can get some reasonably priced snow camo. An Overjacket/smock or similar?
    Just go to your nearest painters store, maybe even wickes and get a painters overall. Cost you pennies.

    ATB WB.

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    I use army cam whites which is a very thin white nylon over suit. Try army surplus or maybe eBay?

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    I have a big white polycotton boiler-suit - big enough to go over the ordinary jacket and trews.

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    Here you go. At 2.39 treat yourself to a few pairs and chuck them when dirty or wet:

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    an old white hospital blanket with a hole cut in the centre worn like a poncho was the best ive ever used i used it sitting up for foxes at night without a lamp it was lovly and warm and the foxes never saw me

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    as others have said one of the dispo white overalls get biggest size and break up using matt black spray. White balaclave and suitable gloves. Get hold of the DVD "Shooter" and watch the mountain sniper scene.


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    If your tighter than a duck,s arse the famous poundworld do the disposable white coveralls for a whole pound,use it and throw it job done
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    German Schneetarn poncho?

    Approx 12-15 on ebay.
    White balaclava or beanie, white gloves, and snow camo scrim on ebay?

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    German, British, Norwegian, Swede and Swiss army surplus. Germany has complete coveralls with a hood, and pack to match.

    If you know someone in the USA, stores and online like Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop, Gander Mountain ( and even Walmart and Meyer ) up in the northern states have lots of snow camo in insulated coveralls, and on sale now with many hunting seasons over. They could pick up a set, but they are bulky to fit in luggage, so it may be cheaper and easier to order and have them shipped.

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