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Thread: Can anyone help?

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    Can anyone help?

    Lo folks

    I have a friends son is looking for a skull of some type to take into school for a show and tell..Does anyone have a skull of any type I can beg, borrow etc.....Will cover postage both ways or can collect in South Oxon / Berkshire borders area.

    Doesnt need to be any thing medal standard though a deer skull with antlers would of course earn him some kudos

    many thanks in advance


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    I Got something the boy could use.

    PM me your details

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    If Rangefinder can't help, let me know. I'm located near Faringdon and have a shed full of skulls with antlers. I've been wondering what to do with them


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    Guys thank you both have sent Range a pm....Ill keep you in reserve if thats ok Will

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    Thanks to RF it arrived this morning As promised a donation to HTH has gone in, the lads mum is also making a donation later.

    Also thanks to all others for offers via thread and PMs

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