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Thread: Digital fox caller

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    Digital fox caller

    I know that this has been covered before but between the foxpro and the mini colibri which one would people who have used them recommend? Both are roughly the same price at around 200. All views and opinions appreciated.

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    As far as I'm concerned, the single most important aspect is that the caller must have a remote control. If it hasn't, move on!

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    Neither, have look at the GC350 or GC500 from bestfoxcall Remotes work, warranty from a British company, easy to use, upload your own calls

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    As above I'd also recommend the icotech range from BestFoxCall - the Best Tried and Tested Fox Calls on the Market Iv got the GC500 and love it, the remote works out to about 400yrd..... And it's only 180 odd quid for the top spec model. Great callers highly recommended.

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    Third shout out for the GC range. I have the 350, it's cheaper than the others and from what I've heard easier to operate (upload new calls etc) the range of the remote is better too. It does come with American calls on it but it's not hard to add your own and put them in the order you so wish.
    I put my favourite calls on the corner buttons to make it easier to find in the dark.
    I left mine in a snowy field for over a week as I put it down and couldn't find it. When I did get it back the aerial had been chewed and other than that it was ok and it still worked like it was new.
    Soon to be the latest member of the 20cal club.

    It all works out in the end and if it hasn't worked out well it isn't the end!

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    BestFoxCall - the Best Tried and Tested Fox Calls on the Market does what it says on the tin and aftersales are faultless.

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    Another vote for the GC350 from Best Fox Call. The Mini Colibri is a very handy tool though and you can pop it in your pocket.

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    As said above, the IcoTech callers are excellent.

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    I have the Icotech GC500 caller from bestfoxcall.
    Remote range is excellent and can load calls onto it.
    Excellent product and excellent after sales from Rob.
    Hope this helps ��

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    I only shot 15-20 foxes a year after getting a icotec gc300 about 4 years ago I now shoot 100+.
    I now use the newer model the Gc350.
    The calls can be uploaded from anywhere so you can but any fox call out there on it.With a 300 yard plus remote from caller to small controller these are great.

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