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Thread: What have you found? Another non-confrontational thread

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    What have you found? Another non-confrontational thread

    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn View Post
    Jeez there's some good stuff lying around somewhere.....
    I found a William and Mary 1694 farthing in a field while out beating. When I researched it I got quite excited...a 1693 one went for $1000 dollars at auction a few months before...researched a bit further and discovered that was because 1689 to 1693 they tried to make coins cheaper from tin, with a copper plug in the middle, the tin and copper reacted and the tin corroded away (hence the rarity value) so they went back to copper in 1694

    In a copse on the edge of the adjoining field I found a large leather purse, chucked there by a thief, the lady owner was delighted to get it back, even though all the cards in it had been cancelled by then.

    Lots of bits of flint which are just Mungo's knives from another era...

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    When I was out beating once I found an old rusted pocket watch. Gave it to the keeper who knew the old chap who'd lost it many years before, which was nice.

    When out salmon fishing I've found a nice wading stick with a retractable keeper, several pairs of spectacles, and numerous bits of tackle.
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    A proper Casio G-Shock in a rock pool in the sea when I was a kid.

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    I found an 'old money back' coca cola bottle from the sixties. It still contains some of the original coke. The cap must be aluminium as it's in perfect nick. When I open it, it fizzed!
    Sits on a mantel in my kitchen now.
    I found a post office safe In a ditch too. All the goodies were gone but a good few personal paperwork and bits were saved and returned to their owners.

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    I found a 12 inch wire fishing trace up on the grouse moors above Wolsingham many years ago, it must be 4 miles as the crow flies to any fishing access, 4 years gone December, I found a Timex digital watch in Inverness, then the following day, I found a mobile phone, just a cheapy, no sim card or any numbers in the memory. Found a fiver when l was 11 (1972), no one claimed it after 3 months, so l bought a pair of Doc Martins, actually saw a tenner blowing across the road today, which l rescued. Found a gold chain in Bishop Auckland a few years ago, handed it to police.
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    I found a Barbour scarf on the road yesterday, about 20 yrs ago found a Patek phillipe in Hulme Manchester while doing some landscaping, handed it to the police and turned out it had been stolen in a robbery it was returned to the owner, or so the police said. When I was a kid me and my mates found a old flare gun on our farm, also found the odd tenner and fiver over the years.


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    When I was 9 I found 400 (looked a lot more as it was on 10 Bob notes and 1 notes) in a handbag on the river side near balloch back home, my dad handed it in and we collected it 31 days later as no one claimed it,

    i also found a liking for seafood, good looking women and kids,

    but the biggest thing I found out is...just how cruel life can be,

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    I found a Breitling Chronograph Emergency watch (the one with the transmitter for rescue purposes) which I handed in and collected 30 days later. Turns out it was a fake so I was a bit disappointed as it went from being worth a few grand to nothing. Still looks nice and keeps good time.

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    We found what the keeper described as a "couple of fairies" on a driven day. Dogs went into a thick conifer wood ahead of the beaters, and two half naked men ran out of the back. Probably not expecting to run through a line of armed men. Beaters found the old mattress they'd put in the wood.

    i really don't see the attraction of a damp mattress in a cold wet wood in January for that sort of thing. What's wrong with a nice warm public lavatory?

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    a couple of years ago whilst out stalking I found a sports bag hidden under leaves and branches in the wood so i pulled it out and thought to myself please god let it be the proceeds of a robbery and filled with cash. no chance full of porn books and photographs ( im still keeping a eye out for the lady in the photos )

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