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Thread: .308 Remi 700 XCR in excellent condition.

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    .308 Remi 700 XCR in excellent condition.

    Due to not getting much use, I am selling my Remington XCR in .308. Round count somewhere between 1000 and 1200. The scope, bi-pod and mounts are NOT for sale.

    This is an unmarked rifle which I bought to use at Bisley but due to pressures of life and too much time spent stalking with other rifles, I am going to sell it. It has a tri-nyte vapour deposition coated barrel, pillar and bedding block, quality B&C stock and 26 inch barrel. It is threaded half inch UNF. Floor plate magazine, X mark trigger. It is absolutely as standard, for more details, see the Remington website. It was in an AICS stock so the factory B&C stock has never been used. Shoots fantastically with NRA 155 grain GGG loads at 1000 yards and is really comfortable to use. Current RRP circa 1600

    A BARGAIN AT 1100

    ASE Utra moderator available to go with the rifle at 120.

    Thanks for looking, PM me if interested.

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