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Thread: Pair of left hand bolt rifles available. 308 Win and 22LR

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    Pair of left hand bolt rifles available. 308 Win and 22LR

    I am selling my rifles:

    My deer rifle is a Remington 700 in 308 Winchester. £410

    The scope is not included, but the Weaver rail is, as is a two-piece set of Weaver bases, and a pair of Warne style 30mm rings Weaver rings. The rail accepts Weaver or Piccatinny rings.

    It has been screw cut to M15x1 Spigot. It has been proofed since screw cutting. A stainless thread protector and a Wildcat Predator 8 moderator are included with the rifle. The round count on the modí is 27, and it has been stripped and sprayed out with WD40 every time it has been used, and never stored fitted to the rifle. I do not know the round count on the rifle. It may be high, although the rifle holds 1 MOA easily Ė possibly less in the hands of a better marksman than me.

    The rifle is old (1990 Ė I think) and it is battered, there are scratches and marks on the stock. No rust or pitting though. The action is smooth and tight, and has been epoxy or glass fibre bedded at some point.

    As you can see from the pictures the stock has been extended. This was done by my father-in-law and me last summer. The extension is white maple pinned with rose-wood dowels and glued. It has been coated with a hard waterproof finish.

    Iíll also include any of my remaining handloaded ammunition.

    A true lefty, very accurate with a low round count mod.

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	DSC1_test_group015.jpg 
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ID:	65437This group was my DSC1 test. Six shots from three different positions at three distances shot from this rifle. A group of three from 100yds and the holes will touch.

    The 22LR rifle is a CZ452 Lux. £235

    It is unmodified and a bit tatty, the stock in particular is somewhat beaten up, and I would have replaced it if I was staying in the UK Ė although it isnít cracked or anything like that.

    The rifle includes an SAK moderator with a low round count (25), a thread protector and 30mm Sportsmatch mounts. There is the ten round mag pictured and a five round mag as well. As with the Wildcat on the Remington, the SAK moderator has been sprayed through with WD40 after each use, and never stored on the rifle.

    Iíll include whatever 22LR ammunition I have left when it is sold (currently 75 rounds of Eley Subs). It is no-longer a beautiful rifle, but it is an accurate, smooth, and well made left hand bolt rifle.

    There is also a 2.5-10x50 IR scope with a 30mm tube. It is unbranded but held a zero on the Remington 700. It is £10, and I will fit it to either of the rifles (it is fitted to the 22 right now).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If you are left handed, and need well made accurate rifles and you are more concerned with function than form, and if you need good rifles on a tight budget (as I did) then these could be the firearms for you.

    Face to face is preferred, or via RFD is fine. If via RFD the fees will be added, and I donít think Iíd be able to include any ammunition. I am located in a village called Groombridge which is close to Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough. PM me if interested.

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    If anyone is keen/able to take both then I'm quite willing to listen to sensible offers.

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    These have now gone to my local RFD and are available here - thanks to those who have enquired.

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