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Thread: Diesel Fuel

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    Diesel Fuel

    Having recently purchased my first Diesel Motor I was wondering about the differences, if any, of the Diesel available to buy at the Pumps. Forum Members by the very nature of what we do tend to use Diesel as a Fuel so I thought I would ask the following.

    Are there any differences in the Pump Diesel available? I put it into three categories.

    Cheap Supermarket.

    Named Branded like Shell, BP, Esso etc.

    Premium Branded like Shell V-Power, BP Ultimate etc.

    Any opinions or thoughts?


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    Never noticed any difference between brands or who I buy it off , diesel (DERV) has to be made to BS EN 590:2009 standards (this is the official UK standard for derv fuel).

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    Yorkie My last Pajero and now my Jeep don't run as well on supermarket diesel, but I have mates that see no difference.
    Try them out and see what suits yours best. I also give it a Diesel Majic treatment every couple of thousand miles.
    Both vehicles are +100,000 miles could be the difference...

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    my mrs vauxhall corsa eco flex will burn any kind of fuel and return goo mpg, in my ranger 4x4 i do not touch supermarket fuel unless im really desperate, i only use regular fuel and does me well!

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    It all comes from the same place at the termial

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    I buy whatever is easily available, runs perfect on supermarket of premium brand.
    But it does return better fuel economy on premium brand fuel, on a run around an extra 3 or 4 mpg.


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    Ive had diesels for years always used supermarket diesel without issue .Ford ,Vauxhall ,Volvo ,the only thing i would avoid is biodiesel .Very dirty and leaves a weird stain around the filler cap?.The premium diesels have been tested and proved to give extra mpg ,ideal for thirsty 4x4 user,s.And you,ll know if someone,s on the used cooking oil ,Landrovers smelling of Mexican food anyone
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    Be careful of buying diesel in Ireland as there is a good chance its been washed, and it cause extreme fast wear of all engine components.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgyrog View Post
    It all comes from the same place at the termial
    Correct, however what comes out of the nozzle has additives and it is these additives recipes from different outlets that can affect the MPG and the smooth running of some vehicles.....

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    I run a 2015 Ford ranger which has an average MPG readout. I reset it on each fill and find premium fuels (V-Power etc) give no improved MPG but supermarket fuel has a lower MPG, 3 or 4 mpg less than branded fuels such as Shell and BP.
    All my driving is on the same roads and routes so my MPG is very consistent on each tank full.

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