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Thread: butler creek cover (obj)

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    butler creek cover (obj)

    Anyone know what size butler creek flip up for a ,MEOPTA 7X50 OBJECTIVE, I have one on but its time to get one that fits properly mines taped onto the inside edge of the objective bell,and as the earlier thread by bewsher i too cannot make any sense of their charts, Anyone got one for sale or swap,i have the smaller one on, plus i have a larger one i dont need thats too big,cheers doug,

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    measure the outside diameter of your objective lens, BC have a fitment scale. Post the size and I can tell you what BC you need

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    cheers!57/58 as near as dammit,thanks
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    Should be a number 43, which covers 56.4 to 58.7 On the inside it should have three two digit numbers 39, 40, 43

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    Thank you,ranger 22,,,,, ok anyone selling a number 43 objective flip up,thanks for all reply,s SORTED,,,,,atb ,,,DOUG
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