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Thread: 8mm Rem Mag

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    8mm Rem Mag

    For no particular reason I've suddenly developed a massive craving for an 8mm Rem Mag. I shoot a 6.5 Swede loaded to modest speeds with 120g heads and it's been a pleasure to shoot and done the job on everything so far but the excuse I'm giving myself is it's for boar and reds on the hill.

    Please can somebody sensible talk me out of this before

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    Be sure to have a good dental plan...
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    I was suggesting the 8mm Rem Mag for a new barrel, replacing a .300 WM, in another thread.

    It is a lot of rifle, to my thinking, better than a .338 Win Mag because of the range of bullet selection, from 123 to 240 grains. Realistically, 150 to 200 grains is the optimum range of flat shooting bullets, and the 195 to 200 grain bullets have some high BCs, if you can stand the recoil.

    I have five 8x57IS rifles, one 8x57I ( mild rounds ), an 8x57JRS, and an 8x60S ( my second one ). The 8x60s is an original Type A Sporting Mauser from about 1920. It likes a 200 gr bullet at 2,500 to 2,600 fps, and only weighs 7 pounds loaded, with a steel buttplate, so that is as close as I get to an 8mm Rem Mag - and it is not bad recoil at all, because the stock just fits me so well.

    Most 8mm Rem Mags come in heavier rifles. Go read what Craig Boddington says. He is a big fan of it. The Remington 700s in 8mm RM are on the light side, about 7.5 lbs to 7.75 lbs, just as the Kimber 84 and Browning A-Bolt are the most common rifles for the .325 WSM, and they are very light, making the recoil a bit brisk.

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    Thanks Southern, but you were supposed to talk me out of it!

    Does anyone who shoots boar or a lot of hill reds have any views? If I turn up with that is the average ghillie going to worry about the size of the hole in his deer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tikka_madras View Post
    Please can somebody sensible talk me out of this before
    Yeah I'm not the guy then I'd say go for it. If you book a stalk and the ghillie says no to the 8mm then you can take the Swede. However, meat damage is down to MANY things. Using a tougher bullet would reduce damage so you can tailor it to your requirements.
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    I've owned and used an 8mm RM ( briefly ) and I had a Brno in 8X68 for a number of years . They're both very powerful and capable rounds . That being said , I did have a problem locating good bullets for them around here . I used 200 gr Nosler Partitions and the now discontinued Hornady 220 gr Spire Points in both . These bullets performed very well on larger game for me , but were a bit much for smaller game such as deer and I found the lighter more frangible bullets didn't perform well at higher velocities .
    I sold off both of them in the end as they didn't do anything that other calibers I owned at the time wouldn't do with less fuss . Brass is getting hard to find here , so I imagine in the UK the situation would be even more difficult ( and expensive ) . There are quite a few rounds out there that are equal to , and in some situations better , than the 8mm RM . Any of the large capacity 7mm , 30 or 338 cases are less expensive , and more importantly , far easier to source ammo or components for .
    It's a great round , but if I were limited to owning only a few rifles , as most in the UK seem to be , I'd look for a more versatile caliber that would be a little easier to feed .

    ............... but if that's what you want , definitely do it , lol .


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    The Remington CoreLokt 180-gr bullet is made for the 8mm RM, so is supposed to be a bit "too tough" for the 8x57 at anything but closer distances. The Nosler 200-gr Partition will open up and mushroom at 8x57 velocities ( 2,500 fps), so would be good for 200 yard shots on large game.

    Alberta Boy is right about the brass situation. And if you are not very comfortable with a .30-06, you are not going to like the recoil of the 8mm RM. The jump from 6.5x55 to it is a big one. You might want to scratch that 8mm itch with an 8x57 in a vintage Sako or Mauser. It really is an efficient cartridge that really is fun, accurate with bullets from 150 to 200 grains, great for boar.

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    Looking at the stats it doesn't do anything the 300wm doesn't do with more bullet choice and options

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    I have one in a rem 700 BDL, the recoil is heavy and fast. Its not something to take lightly, it "feels", worse than the 375 h &h. I have 2 375s, one a 700 1 of 500 thats about 7.5 pounds. 200s to 220s are the right weight in my way of thinking, mine is quite partial to the sierra gameking. It is quite the jump from a 6.5x55 to the 8mm mag. Its a thumper

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    Looking at the stats it doesn't do anything the 300wm doesn't do with more bullet choice and options
    Yup , and the 300WM was the main reason I got rid of my big 8MM's . You can find brass anywhere and there is an endless variety of bullets available . The 8mm RM is a good cartridge , but it takes a lot more effort to achieve the same results as the more readily available cartridges . Personally , if I hunted in the UK , I'd take a serious look at the 7mm RM if I was after a belted cartridge . Just one mans opinion .


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