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Thread: New member - questions on Sako 75, optics, and ammo

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    New member - questions on Sako 75, optics, and ammo


    having recently taken up stalking for roe/red, but having shot on estates for red a few times, I recently acquired my first own rifle, and have a few questions, if you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. I have put this in the 'general' section, as my questions span a few separate topics.

    I purchased an almost unused Sako 75 Hunter .243 Win with a Schmidt & Bender 6x42.

    1. It had previously only been shot around 10 times, and I have zero'd and test show about 20 rounds - is it time I give it a big clean? can I have damaged the rifle by leaving it uncleaned for 2 weeks after having fired 20 rounds?

    2. This will be used for both red and roe, so I thought I best just get one ammo and stick with it - I have bought Norma SP 100 gr and seems to group ok, although not amazing but could be my fault! seems to drop 1" @ 100yds compared to Federal 85gr. any comments on my chosen ammo, suggestions, recommendations?

    3. I see myself as a pretty good marksman, and would like to be able to take shots are longer ranges when and IF needed (200-400 yds). Even with plenty of practice, will I simply have to forget about it until I have a scope with BDC? how would my Norma perform at 200-300 yds, any recommendations to improve accuracy/consistency?

    4. should I consider any alterations, such as pillar bedding, macmillan stock, etc. etc.?

    thanks for any help, comments, advice offered.


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    Hi PKL,

    I use the same 100 grn Norma ammo and find it excellent through my Sauer.

    The furthest shot I have taken successfully was a lasered 293 yards on a roe...I put the dot on the top of his back and hit dead centre lungs, so a probable drop of 6-8". Hope this is of some use to you.

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    No Idea about your rifle, but it will be fine having left it that long without cleaning IMO - though it wont do it much good. Depending on what grouping you get custom work might be worth it, but as long as you are shooting sub 1.5". Long shots are not my thing so I shall not comment. But I will say that 400 yards is a long way. You will need a great deal of practice to shoot well at that distance. And I assume you mean a Bullet drop calculator? Its not needed, but it might help. I wouldnt be shooting deer at 400m with a .243 - look to your .300win mag's and the like. But I personally wouldnt.


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    If its only had a box of rounds through it by yourself and your fairly new to shooting grouping etc get out and practice , practice always makes perfect

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    why talk about killing deer at 200-300 yds . there is little to do with stalking there . you ask any stalker on hear that kills a lot of deer they will tell you the same .
    stalkers that kill alot will take shots at that range on and off but generaly dont talk about it .

    enjoy what your doing and leave the long shots on deer for another forum .

    ps. u have a lovely set up

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    Greetings PKL!

    Good on you for taking up the sport. You must have the bug after your estate visits.

    If it has had around 30 rounds through it I'd say that it'll be fine without a thorough clean. I used to have a Ruger that I rarely cleaned and it continued to group well. I now have a Sako 85 and after returning home having fired a shot I push through a lightly oiled patch, followed by a couple of dry parches until they come out clean. I've fired around 70 shots and have yet to put the brush down it.

    I have a .270 - as my name would suggest and I'm not keen on long range shots. I like the sport of stalking into at least 200 yards of the deer even though I can accurately shoot and be able to kill out to around 300 (most of the shots I take are around 100 yards but have ranged from 50 out to 200 roughly). 400 yards through a 6 x 42 scope would be risky and not something I'd attempt - I can't talk for the .243 as I have no experience.

    For hunting purposes at normal ranges I'm not sure what the advantages of pillar bedding will realistically be. My sako shoots very well out of the box.

    I hope you fare well with it all.
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    Welcome to the site.

    However you have posted straight away with out introducing yourself. A requirement of the site. Then you proceed to talk about shooting deer between 200 and 400 yds

    As a novice by the sounds of it, the last thing you should be thinking of is taking deer at 400yds. Its called stalking, and also showing respect for the quarry you hunt, not treating it as a target!!

    At 400 yds your 243 is going to drop a fair way!! And on any of the larger species of deer, Red, Fallow or Sika they are a small target at 400 yds. I am always suspicious of folk who come straight on here and start talking about taking deer at long distances as if it where the done thing to do!!

    Make a proper introduction otherwise you will be banned.

    Thank you


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    please don't take things the wrong way - I by no means expect or plan to take deer at long range - I just want to be 'able' to, should it be required (for example for a wounded deer, etc), and additionally, I want to ensure my equipment is working in the optimal manner. I thoroughly enjoy the stalking element, and hope to shoot most of my deer within 100 yds. I have in fact, shot most of my deer, having stalked them to within 75 yds.

    My prime concern is that I have equipment which is optimally functioning, and that it can be trusted to perform perfectly, and will allow me to finish a deer off in worst case scenario that it's wounded and needs to be taken down at long range - I just want to be sure I never leave a wounded deer to suffer, hence my comments of my rifle and ammo's ability to perform at longer distances as well.

    ..will leave proper intoduction of course, never noticed that in the T&C's.


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    Welcome! I also have a 1 rifle set up. I have chosen the .270 and use a 140gr Accubond as my single set up of choice. I would caution against .243 and 100 gr bullets as the norm for Red, it is a bit light especially against even average sized stags.

    If you have already parted with the cash then as suggested pratice makes perfect. I advocate plenty of range time to get used to different rounds and consider having something with a little more punch.

    Good luck!

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