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Thread: Yukon photon

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    Yukon photon

    Hi guys been thinking of getting one of these but not what model to get. What do you guys use and what ir do you use with it?
    Regards Dan

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    Get the newer one. However a cravat. Try one before you buy. I had one. Didn't like it and sold it fairly quickly but I am a tube snob I suppose. They are very good for the price but they do have limitations. There are separate nv torches you can buy from 50 ish which are fine.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Did I spell cravat correctly?
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    I got a new one about a year ago to go out for boar its good for about 100 yds with the righ ir torch, and for the price its really good value, look up scotts country they have some good deals on and their customer service is really good
    PS saw a few badgers but no boar,,,, ah well thats hunting for you

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    Hi I have a Photon 5 X 42 with a doubler for sale for 275 if your interested

    Perfict nick origional box etc

    Going Thermal

    Without the doubler? good to 50m no problem. I used it like that on my -22 and shot hundreds of rabbet and rats

    Out to 100 your better off with an IR torch add on. The Photon has a side rail for this

    WIth the doubler. Good to 200m with the addition of an IR torch. Shot a few fox like this on my 243

    You can shoot further with it but ID is the problem (IMHO)

    Can be used in daylight but the image is black and white


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    I have one of the new 6.5x50 with a doubler on .think they have been slightly changed so you can't fit a doubler now on mine I use probably a bigger ir torch than I need but use it for something else it's a t74 with the not so new as pill in it I can see up to 300y /m but safe shooting 200y/m with a very good picture all though it is a little bit focus fussy I use it for rabbits so not shooting over 120/130/y so plenty more if needed I tried a t50 with the new as ir but the picture just wasn't Sharp enough for me not sure if it had to do with it having a doubler fitted or just my eyes for day time it's workable but unless you spend alot of money your never going to get something that works at night time and in day light all depends on what you need

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    The 6.5 now has a lock ring glued in front of the lens. And I have heard the 4.6 has started to have the same.

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    get a 4.6 xt,join the NV forum and do the extreme conversion,will cost about 100-120,puts the normal doubler conversion in the shade,however you will totally void the warranty as you have to take the lens and head off and replace them with an adapter and camera lens

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    Mk1 with a doubled and adapter, secondhand cost me no more than 300, and to be fair its great value, have a t20 extra ir and I can easily see and identify bunnies at 150 yards plus, I had to fiddle a little bit with the set up, mounts, opened out the lense cap to 35mm and leave it on both day and night but its pretty effective on my hmr, for the cost I think its a good value way to get into NV, tyrouble is like everything it becomes quite addictive and to step up in spec will cost a little bit more

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Singing Stalker View Post
    Did I spell cravat correctly?
    I assume you meant "caveat" which is a warning or proviso, a "cravat" is a big fat scrunchie neck tie
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