For those of you interested in working towards your DSC2, a quick reminder that NOW is the time you really ought to be trying to get out and put some ICRs into your portfolio.

At this time of year, all sexes and species are in season - with the obvious exception of Roe Bucks. That means that the biggest challenge of any outing, finding a convenient deer, is made much more straight-forward. Locally, with the farm stock off the fields, the deer are showing everywhere you turn.

Based near Axminster in Devon, we have accomodation onsite as well as a private range, so arranging some Witnessed Outings has never been easier. We are only three hours from London and easily accessed by either road or rail.

£75 per outing with a cull fee of £60 to include up to two beasts in any outing. B&B accommodation £45 per night.

DSC2 specific coaching and Witnessing are NOT charged for.

Look forward to hearing from you!