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Thread: Laserware ltd sightprobe borescope

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    Laserware ltd sightprobe borescope

    Just found the above borescope on the laserware site for 119, it has a 3.9mm camera so will do the 17 calibres, anyone used one at all ?
    has video/photo capture, can be viewed on your computer as well, thought i'd give one a go.

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    It arrived as promised,all i can say is it does all you need it to very well indeed, excellent HD colour picture,video and photo capture,viewable live real time feed via phono and usb leads , all recordable to an SD card (supplied).
    probe is also flexible so you can set it to look at any angle you may need,
    all you need to add is four AA batteries, all for 119 delivered.

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    very interesting. would it be possible to upload a couple of pictures?

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