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Thread: The Shooting Show 2016

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    The Shooting Show 2016

    Quick a quick question to all on the site. Has anyone attended this event before and if so was it worth while. I got an email the other day about it and seeing as its only an hour away from me, I thought I might pop over for a look but don't want to be wasting money on tickets and fuel if it's a waste of time

    Thanks in advance

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    We went last year, great day out, well worth the travel and money, will be going again this year.

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    That's the answer I was hoping for. Think I will be leaving the wife and kids at home and just taking my bank card lol

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    If it's the one at Stoneleigh then yes it's a decent day out mate. I go every other year as it's a bit samey too often and will be going this year again. The good thing is it's all indoors so if the weather is ***** it doesn't matter!!

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    Friend and I have been up a few times...didn't go last year as the year before was a bit of a disappointment regarding reloading components and ammunition.

    If you are after clothing, then there is a huge range and quantity....seems to be the big seller. Although I could not find anyone selling Meindl boots.

    Certainly worth going once in your life!

    Just be warned that a lot of visitors seem to be wearing camouflage and green clothes. So you can choose whether you want to be camouflaged in amongst them or not.


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    I went last year and I have been invited back this year,

    good show that sadly as we all know there are no great deals to be had but some good deals, this year I will be going armed with a shoot load of cash to spend and I hope there is no car crashes yo delay me getting my monies worth,

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    Well worth a day out,like someone has chucked a load of gunshops under 1 roof.Theres also a area of shopping for the Mrs and lots of airgun/airsoft ranges to try.Take your own food n drink though prices that match London tourist ,and its central .No wow bargin,s but enough good price,s to make it worth while ,atb
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    Been last year and saved 600 on a new top end rifle scope. There are bargains to be had if you know where to look for... And if you don't ask, you don't get...

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    not misssed one yet personally and loking to go buisness wise next year
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    Last year, the parking arrangements were a lot better than the year before.

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