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Thread: Drag ropes in The Range

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    Drag ropes in The Range

    Just been in my local Range store and bought a pack of 2 bright orange sling type things that look like they could be used as drag ropes , only 1.29 for 2 drag ropes seems a bargain , they roll up and take up no space at all, they measure 25mm x 2.5m . Hopefully get a chance to try them out this coming week.
    atb Brian

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    Hi Brian,

    What is their original purpose? I might pay the Range a visit tomorrow so it would help to locate them.


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    I think they are for strapping down things , as an extra piece for the ratchet set they were near the torches in mine if thats any help
    atb Brian

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    Deer Drag at the Range


    Went down there today and managed to locate those straps, but next to them was a small ratchet strap set which has plastic coated steel hooks at each end. I think these would be useful to hook through the back or front legs ( via the tendons) or by enveloping the deer in a tarp sheet which has metal eyelets and then attaching them to the hooks. This would be easier to drag and less prone to contamination. Only 1.49 so yo can't go wrong!


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    Yep - have been using the hooked webbing straps off a ratchet for some time now. Work really well.

    I love the fact that they fold down to such low bulk & weight in your pocket, but are comfortable on your shoulder when dragging.

    There is an article somewhere in the articles section - gives a couple handy tips for other uses of the drag strap.


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