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Thread: 2nd .243 rifle?

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    2nd .243 rifle?

    Hi guys,

    How easy is it to get a second .243 ?

    I have a tikka .243 varmint at the moment but was thinks about getting a barrel for my blaser. Just wondering if there would be a problem putting in for one as I already got one?


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    You will need a reason , one for a night vision setup maybe ?
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    Not a problem up this way, have a valid reason for it (many to chose from) and it should be granted. Can't see it being any different down your way.


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    There'll only be a problem if you fail to mention why you want/need the second barrel.

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    Two 308's wasn't a problem for me (one being my Blaser) as everyone has already said---- have a good reason and you should be ok.

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    Short barreled with open sights for woodland stalking.??

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    You need to show good reason to possess any firearm. Calibre per se is not the absolute defining feature of any rifle - weight, balance, action, optics etc all have a major impact on their utility. Good reason for a light 243 barrel for your blazer, is that its ideal as a travelling / mountain rifle for use on Roe, Chamois and other small game. Whereas the T3 Varmint is a heavy barrelled rifle ideal for range shooting and foxing off the back of a vehicle, but its not ideal for where the Blaser takes over. Why 243 as opposed to say 260 rem - well ammo widely available, and in the Blaser you will be using 100gn deer loads, where-as the T3 75 gn varmint / target type loads.

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