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Thread: new to deer stalking, Hertfordshire

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    new to deer stalking, Hertfordshire

    Hi there guys, just a quick couple of questions. I was wondering if any could point me in the right direction. Ive read a lot of things about the DSC1 and some people have said try and get out there first before doing your DSC1??
    I'm in my last year of sixth forum and very interested in getting into deer stalking, I've been shooting for a while now through cadets both .22lr and 5.56 as well as with my farther shotgun outside so I'm used to shooting safely, I've looked at what the .gov website about applying for a FAC as well as the BASC, i'm a bit confused on applying for one on the grounds of deer stalking, It says that i need to have permission for land and it needs to be cleared. Would deer stalking still be a justified reason if i was to do it through organised days rather then having to have a permission.
    Many thanks Luke

    P.S I'm based in Watford if any one knows any good local places.

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    Welcome. If you trawl through some posts on here you'll find out quite a bit. Yes, paid for stalking is a valid reason for obtaining a firearms certificate. A DSC1 would be helpful - if you cant afford it you can always do the self study option, or apply for the SD sponsored DSC1. Joining a shooting club would be advantageous as well. None of these options are mandatory but they certainly help with applying for a FAC. Maybe a good idea to apply for your shotgun certificate first. Hope you get something useful from my ramblings.



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    You don't actually need an FAC to go stalking with a guide if you use his Rifle (in his presence) and use the estate rifle exemption....

    to to apply for an FAC you have to prove that you have 'good reason' to have a firearm. Deer stalking is seen as one such 'good reason' therefore you can apply on that basis.

    You our don't have to have your own deer stalking land to apply for an FAC, you can use paid stalking as you 'good reason'. You would however have to provide documentary evidence of past and future bookings.....

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