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Thread: Rg 308 & 223

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    Rg 308 & 223

    I can collect once fired military brass from my club if any one wants it. I will send at cost( 5.50 for the 308 & 3.50 for the 223) per 100 if anyone is iterested. It seems a waste to have it sent for scrap.

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    I'd like first dibs on 200 .308 subject to the make of brass. Would you let us know which it is please???

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    Not a problem, I will go to the range on Wednesday collect it. I will PM you with the headstamp & if interested ;I will send it for what Royal Mail charges me.

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    I'm pretty sure the 308 RG brass is berdan primed and therefore not easily reloadable ! The 223 stuff won't be though...

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    RG = Radway Green is indeed Berdan primed. If it is RG, then its not 308 & 223, but will be 7.62 and 5.56. Some will think i'm being picky, but there is actually a difference and i wouldn't feed either 7.62 or 5.56 through my fine hunting rifle.

    It is possible to reload but you'll need to source the special priming tool and primers. Reserved for the real specialist reloading nuts.

    Unfortunately completely useless to those with conventiaonal kit.

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    RG .223 is Boxer primed and not Berdan primed so suitaable for reloading, but the brass is rather thick and not the best quality (some will disagree).

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    I knew there was something but couldn't put my finger on it. Had a berden round slip into my .308 reloads, bust my primer decapping tool when it hit solid brass

    Rod, I'll pass but thanks for the kind thoughts.


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